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Company Overview

Locally owned and operated since 1988, the mission of Franklin Health & Fitness is to provide excellence in facilities, programs and services to help members achieve their maximum potential for health and fitness. We offer a heated indoor swimming pool and whirlpool, 70 Group Exercises Class per week, and tons of Cardio and Strength equipment.

Once you are here, you become part of something special, not just a health center, but a place that uses fitness to connect you, inspire you, and motivate you to achieve dreams you never thought possible.

Employee Testimonials

The atmosphere is what makes working at FHF not only rewarding but just fun in general!  Whether it comes from the members or other staff, the atmosphere is always positive and energetic.  Also, getting to build friendships and mingling with the members is something that I look forward to on a daily basis.    

The other staff members are what makes FHF feel like not just a workplace but my second home.  I’ve created friendships that will last forever.  Everyone is very supportive and helpful in every situation and we all truly do work together as a team. 

Jade Hervey, Assistant Manager.  FHF team member since 2008

It's a fun place to work.  Everyone gets along and there is a lot of positive energy. We get to laugh, while we work together to change lives. 

It truly is the best job opportunity I've ever had.  Sure, I could've worked my way up my previous industry, but it wouldn't have been in Franklin.  That's what I'm most appreciative of, being able to be successful and work/live in Franklin. 

Matt Bateman, Marketing and Sales Manager.  FHF team member since 2013

I enjoy the work environment and staff. For the first time in years, I enjoy coming to work and seeing the trainers and the Personal Training department succeed. I love the participation and "unity" we all have.

This is my career, long term and love the "vibe" of the center.  I have appreciation for everyone who puts in long days, and helps the Center succeed.  This is the best opportunity I have had and love what I do.

Mark Villanti, Personal Training Director, FHF team member since 2012

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